At almost the same time, my wife Sarah and I started to get morning aches and pains in our backs, our hips, our shoulders...

This was serious stuff, firstly because I was far from ready to slow down and secondly because we are the founders of the New Zealand based dietary supplement company called Kiwi Superfoods.

Our moto is ‘Put more life in your life’ and our Broccoli Sprout Powder and Blackcurrant Skin Extract capsules have been a part of our morning routine for over five years. Suddenly, we were both afflicted with all these morning aches and pains – yikes!

I started to wish that I had done things while I was still mobile. I was wishing I could turn back the clock, to at least the way we felt when we first started to take the Kiwi Superfoods capsules five years earlier.

That made me think about aging in general. I want you to project yourself forward 30 years. Imagine what it will be like to be a 30+ year older you. Take your time. Hopefully, you have been taking our products, so it is not much different from when you’re at your best now! Chances are though, that you may have slowed down a bit.

Now imagine 30+ year old you saying … Gee I wished I’d done this or that (you fill in the gaps) when I was 30 years younger… Hey … that’s you today … that’s you now. So do the things!!! Put more life in your life! 

Back to our morning aches and pains. My wife Sarah said to me that it was time to get a new bed. To be honest I had not thought of that. We had been proud of our bed, brought just after we were married … quite some time ago now!

So for the equivalent cost of a small car, we brought a new mattress and within the week, our morning aches and pains had disappeared.

Have a think about it. Why not try acting like you are from your own future, visiting and becoming your younger self for the day. What would you want to do? What would you want to say to your loved ones? You want a happier life? You want to nurture your wellbeing? This should do both. At the very least I guarantee that in 30 years time, you'll be glad you did it.

By Glenn Hughes