About us

I’d always had great eyesight. Other people wore glasses, not me. At the age of 47, as much as I was pretending it wasn’t happening my eyesight was starting to let me down.

In a previous job as an operations manager at an organics exporter, one of my responsibilities was to check new product labels for accuracy and compliance. It had got to the stage where I just couldn’t read the small print anymore. This was really frustrating firstly because I’d always had great eyesight and secondly because I also kept losing newly acquired sets of reading glasses.

I’d read that blackcurrants were the king of berries when it came to antioxidants and anthocyanins and due to our high levels of UV light, those grown in New Zealand were a leap ahead of the rest. I’d read about the proposed benefit of those compounds on, amongst other things, eye health.

A boost in intake of antioxidants couldn’t hurt me, I thought, and as I had access to some blackcurrant extract at work I decided to give it a go. I didn't notice anything at first but after about a month something remarkable started to happen. Reading glasses nowhere to be found, I picked up a new product label expecting it to be unreadable and I could read it, unaided, small print and all. I found the smallest product label I could find and could read the detail on that as well. My eyes seemed to have dramatically improved! Could it be the blackcurrant I thought? Maybe my eyes were just strained and now had come right?

I continued to take the product daily and continued to enjoy the benefits. Eventually, I went away on holiday and forgot to take it with me. By the end of the week I was struggling to read the newspaper. A few days after returning home and resuming taking the blackcurrant skin extract, the benefits returned. I was sold and it’s been hard to get me to stop talking about it since!

Over time I’ve also noted a cognitive ‘sharpness’. Much to my surprise, I seem to have got far better at remembering people’s names. I now notice things that were always there, but in the past, I seemed to miss. Suddenly I’ll see simpler ways to do something that I’ve done unchanged for years. I like this extra ‘awareness’ a lot. 

Edited Sept 2019 to add: Since I wrote this a few years ago my eyesight continues to benefit but perhaps not as much as before. I still don't use reading glasses! The really great news story is all around brain health/ cognition and positive mood outcomes. These are life changing. There are also great news stories and recent research showing blackcurrants reducing oxidative stress and improving performance and recovery times in peak athletes, but for me the best thing is that it makes me feel sharper and younger!

This concentrated form of New Zealand grown blackcurrant skin is a remarkable product and I wanted to tell everyone about it. I also wanted to tell the world about another incredibly concentrated superfood I’d been working with in my previous role and that’s dried broccoli sprouts. It’s a new product and has been getting some local doctors pretty excited about the levels of sulforaphane they were encountering in tests they conducted post consumption on themselves. Sulforaphane acts as a long lasting antioxidant that detoxifies free radicals in the body. It works at a cellular level and basically reactivate genes that have gone to sleep due to toxicity. age or disease and gets them to do their job again. This is why it has such an amazing and diverse range of positive outcomes.

Together, these products and their positive health benefits were the motivators behind establishing Kiwi Superfoods. My family and I want to deliver these concentrated natural New Zealand products with their amazing benefits to others. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we share what we have discovered and make the world a happier and healthily place one person at a time.

Glenn Hughes and Sarah McGrade.