I Don’t Have Cancer

I Don’t Have Cancer

I don’t have cancer and none of my immediate family has cancer. I hope I’m not tempting fate but it’s just the way it is. But oh I feel the pain. I’ve seen people dear to me battle and beat it, and sadly others succumb to this bastard of a disease. More than anything I’m just angry about it. The years don’t seem to help me move on from the ‘angry’ stage of the grief. It still just pisses me off that they died and I can’t seem to let that feeling go.

I have a neighbour battling cancer now. He was still working at the age of 70. Climbing trees with a chainsaw, until safety laws reckoned he shouldn’t be doing that. Not a favorite decision of John’s but in my opinion not so bad, as it meant he and his wife Penny could focus on perhaps more important things, like their extended family and the community, and me!

To better help you understand the measure of our man, whenever there was a nasty event, severe weather or perhaps one of the big earthquakes we’ve had in recent years, John would always be checking up on his neighbours way before any of us had the chance to check up on him. And that was just the tip of John and Penny’s ‘help others’ iceberg! Not so long ago I met him at the mailbox and just happened to mention that I was thinking about cutting down some Silver Birch trees. Well, a couple of hours after mentioning it, the job had been done… by John.

Then he got prostate cancer, and that was just gutting. After a period of difficult treatment we thought he’d beaten it but sadly it’s recently returned, and spread. So he’s back on prescribed medication, which apparently has an average chance of helping him and a definite chance of making him feel sick.

What do you say to someone with cancer? It’ll be alright mate! You’re a battler and you’ll get through it! Well I’m in a perhaps more unique position because I can now say “I have a product that I want you to take because I really think it will help you.”

I sell encapsulated Kiwi Superfoods Broccoli Sprout Powder. I don’t want to see any of John’s cash; he can have as much as he needs gratis, which isn’t really that generous of us as it only costs NZ $1 a day. I’m not going to try to explain in this blog why these might help John, other than suggesting that perhaps Google its benefit or have a look at some of the references at the bottom of the page. And once you’ve read about the benefits you will probably have a couple of questions for me, which I’ll try to answer in advance.

You might ask me … OK so the sulforaphane generated from the broccoli sprouts seems to be an amazing anti-cancer substance, but how do you know that during the drying process that you have not destroyed the myronaise enzyme, critical to the transformation of glucorafanin into the cancer hating sulforaphane? Our local producers have a unique way of processing the three day old broccoli sprouts and have test results that enable them to provide a product specification that guarantees high levels of glucorafanin and critically, the presence of active myronaise enzymes. Nothing is added, it’s simply carefully dried three day old broccoli sprouts. If you believe the research about sulforaphane and want to get access to it for yourself, or for a loved one, you can be confident that you’re going to get it from these capsules.

Why not eat the broccoli sprouts raw? Well fresh is best, no doubt about it. However even if you can get hold of a regular supply of fresh three day old sprouts you’ll soon get sick of eating a cup of them every day, which is the amount that goes into a daily dose of our encapsulated product.

I only have one regret about our Kiwi Superfoods Broccoli Sprout Powder capsules and that is that I never had access to them earlier. I don’t have cancer and none of my immediate family do, but now I feel empowered to keep it that way and armed and ready to contribute to the battle to beat it if it does show its ugly face, and that makes me feel pretty good.

By Glenn Hughes