Put More Life in Your Life 

When you think of your happy place where do you go?  I bet your happy place has people in it, and activity? We are happiest when we are doing things with family and friends, or when we are making new friends. So, let’s all do more of that! 

Easier said than done right! It is hard to break that routine, hard to add in anything new, hard to find the energy and motivation, just too hard to get started. If only there was a spark… something to give you the nudge, something to let you turn that corner, something natural that helps you start to put more life into your life… well I’ve got some good news for you. 

Each 500mg capsule of Kiwi Superfoods Blackcurrant Skin Extract boasts 100mg of anthocyanin antioxidant, 200mg of Vitamin C and loads of other beneficial compounds including the amazing brain food cGP.  These will all contribute to less sickness, faster recover from activity and a sharper brain! 

Their 600mg Broccoli Sprout Capsules deliver the remarkable compound sulforaphane, which works at a cellular level and has been called Natures Panacea, due to the number and range of positive benefits it delivers. It tells your body at the most basic of levels to clean itself up. 

It has been five years since my wife Sarah and I started taking both these products, and we have never felt so good and never been more positive or had more get up and go. We are hardly ever sick and feel mentally sharper, (that is the best part)! We can only vouch for ourselves and our family of course, but if it’s research you’re after, Google will point your towards bountiful oceans of it regarding anthocyanins and sulforaphane, or you could have a look at some of the research references on the kiwisfs.com site. You'll find them at the bottom of each product description. 

Kiwi Superfoods has become our secret weapon! A couple of natural products grown in New Zealand that help clean us up and boast our immunity and natural defenses and in doing so make us feel younger. They have allowed us to put more life into our life.

By Glenn Hughes