Treat Yourself in this Cost of Living Crisis

Treat Yourself in this Cost-of-Living Crisis

Times are and have been tough, and you deserve a treat. Don’t do it with expensive calories however, especially not in this cost-of-living crisis. Do it by doing things that you like to do which can cost little or no money.

You love a good sunrise? Get up and get some!

You love the smell of the native bush? Find the closest bit of bush to you and make it a familiar friend. Breathe in the happiness.

Who doesn’t have fond memories of a picnic? Get up from your desk and eat your sandwich in the park. Organise to have a friend meet you there and then do it every week.

Write down your ten-favourite close by places, or places you’ve always wanted to visit but have never found the time and then visit one a week.

Get behind a local sports team or perhaps volunteer to help one you love. Help people. That always feels good.

Go for a spa, or a swim, or a paddle down at the beach. Throw a stick in the river and follow it. Go for a walk-through piles of autumn leaves. I’d bet that even thinking of those things is making you smile.

Overcome whatever hurdle it is that is stopping you from having more music in your life. Start operating with theme tunes of your favourite sounds playing in the background.

Treat yourself by stacking up experiences that you know will make you happy and then double down on the treat by organising to have loved ones join in. Get out there and build some beautiful memories.

In this cost-of-living crisis world none of my examples should cost you much. All you need is the motivation and energy to make it happen.

Back in 2016 my wife Sarah and I founded a company called Kiwi Superfoods. We promote two amazing superfoods, Broccoli Sprout Powder and Blackcurrant Skin Extract. We want to Put More Life into your Life. We want you to feel mentally sharp, to be and feel well and to have lots of get up and go.

So, get out there, turn on the sounds and go and put more life in your life. Treat yourself, with or without our products. You deserve it.