We’re Here to Make People’s Lives Better …

We’re Here to Make People’s Lives Better …

'We’re here to make people’s lives better' are the opening words of Kiwi Superfoods Instagram bio! It’s difficult to be specific with a product that seems to be natures panacea!

Kiwi Superfoods founders Glenn Hughes and Sarah McGrade had experience in food science and superfood production but never had they encountered anything like the wide-ranging list of potential benefits delivered by three day old broccoli sprouts.

It’s the sulforaphane produced when you consume the now carefully dried broccoli sprouts that’s doing the magic. There are a great number of scientific studies reporting the positive effects of sulforaphane and why scientists think it does what it does. Shame it’s so hard to get access to it in our day to day diet!

In the simplest terms sulforaphane acts as an initiator … a trigger to activate genes that have gone to sleep due to ageing, disease or toxicity. It sort of wakes them up so they can get on with their job. That’s why it has such a diverse and wide range of positive impacts. 

There is a reference document available on Kiwi Superfoods website called ‘The 39 Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts’ however one of the biggest benefits encountered and the one most mentioned in our Facebook reviews doesn’t even appear on that list, and that’s support for women experiencing menopausal hot flushes!

One thing is for sure, to get on Glenn and Sarah’s Kiwi Superfood product list, and to make people’s lives better, you’re going to have to be one pretty spectacular superfood.