What Makes you Happy?

Sunflowers in a field.

What makes you happy? Time with family and friends, right? That’s usually a given, ok what’s next? A hobby, watching a movie (depends on the movie), a pet, maybe it’s helping others?

Some happiness is real but fleeting… a memory of a happy event, a smell, a joke, a pretty picture.

The happiness you feel after you’ve exercised (but often not during) sticks around for at least the rest of the day as does that happy feeling you get when you give someone something they really like.

Some happiness sticks around a lot longer. The happiness you feel when you achieve something that takes time and effort but delivers sticky, long-lasting happiness.

OK I have some big news - There’s no limit on the number of happy events you’re allowed! No limit! So why not start stacking them up? Start filling your day with things that make you happy. You can start with my list above if you like but why not make your own, and why not plan a pathway to some of that sticky happiness.

Since Sarah and I co-founded Kiwi Superfoods there’s been lots of challenges but what makes it all worthwhile is when we receive letters from customers like this;

“...I am weaning off my antidepressants that I've been on for years and I am feeling terrific! So, that combined with hardly any hot flushes anymore is honestly fantastic, I can't thank you enough. You don't realise how much it means to me to be off the AD's! Please share my story to anyone but keep me anonymous.”

OK, so that’s makes us pretty happy … that’s us sorted, now get to work on yourself and make that list.

By Glenn Hughes