Your Own Cellular Avengers

I’ve just been to see the new Avengers movie with my family. I enjoyed it but did find it difficult to keep up with all the different special powers assigned to what was an impressive array of good and bad superheroes. I found myself starting to formulate my own superhero universe.

There would be…  Lord Preservative – A withered and evil time Lord who is the deadly enemy of the handsome and energetic Fresh Vegetable Boy

Gluten Girl – good at sneaking into all sorts of things. Once very popular but not so much now. Sworn enemy of the Celiac tribe.

The Fat Avenger – banished from the superheroes for some time but now back with a vengeance. Sometimes wields the Omega Gun of Goodness, but not always.

The Sugar Assassin – Who had diabetes and now wages war on all things high in added sugar by making the packaging too hard to open.

Captain Sulforaphane – Who activates sleeping detoxifying genes in your cells helping you own body fight a whole range of diseases including cancer.

I don’t think I’d fancy being any of the first four but imagine if we could take a tablet to turn yourself into Captain Sulforaphane? Well you can. As it turns out sulforaphane is a real thing! The Captain would no doubt sport a picture of sprouted broccoli seed on his or her cape as  that has the highest concentrations of glucoraphanin, which turns into sulforaphane in the presence of an enzyme called myrosinase.

When you cook foods that contain glucoraphanin you end up killing that enzyme, so I suppose that makes Captain Sulforaphane cool!

We take Kiwi Superfoods Broccoli Sprout Powder because each capsule contains half a cup of freeze dried broccoli sprouts and the myrosinase enzyme is confirmed active, so I know my cells are going to get access to that magic substance sulforaphane.

So now in the mornings I take my Kiwi Superfoods Broccoli Sprout Powder capsules to fire up the sleeping detox genes in my cells, and as I head out the door I imagine that I’ve just pulled on my cape and become Captain Sulforaphane, ready to take on the world.