Broccoli Sprouts & Blackcurrant Extract - 30 Day Combo Subscription

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Kiwi Superfoods 30 Day Combo Subscription

The most cost effective way to double down on the health benefits delivered by both our concentrated natural superfoods. Take both health supplements, Blackcurrant Skin Extract and Broccoli Sprout Powder at the same time.

Put More Life in your Life!

"Since we started taking these two products daily we have done more, achieved more and been more positive people. Quite simply we have felt younger. You could say we have put more life into out life! " 

 Glenn Hughes - Co-Founder

For NZ $79 we deliver to you a 60 capsule pot of Blackcurrant Skin Extract (that's one months supply) and a 60 capsule pot of Broccoli Sprout Powder (that's also one months supply), then we keep doing that every month until you don't want us too any more.

Postage and packaging is free.

You can cancel or suspend your subscription at any time.

This works out at NZ$22 cheaper than if you purchased a single months supply of each product ever month or 12% cheaper than purchasing our discounted Combo pack every month.

Make life easy and cheaper for yourself by purchasing a subscription and we'll make sure you don't run out of superfoods.

Our Superfood 30 Day Combo Subscription allows you to experience the benefits of both of our popular products at a very discounted rate with the added benefit of it automatically turning up in your mailbox every month.

As well as the benefits outlined in our individual product descriptions, taken together our customers often talk of a visible improvement in skin health after only two weeks.

My own family has taken both products for more than seven years now and one thing we all agree on is that when taken together they also improve your mood! There is no denying that a boost in positivity is a powerful well-being step in the right direction.

Glenn Hughes - Founder

Check out our Blackcurrant Skin Extract description and our Broccoli Sprout Powder description for more information on these amazing products.

Please note: Always read the label and use as directed. Superfoods, Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. Please see the warnings on the specific product page. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.